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Friday, February 19, 2010

Are U in Love??

let's do a test

I'll ask you three questions

if the statement is true please draw a circle

The first question:
Does your heart start beating fast when u see him/her?

if it does draw one circle

The second question:

Do u always feel like talking back to him/her whenever he/she says something?

The third and final question:
Do u feel as if u want him/her to understand u?

Okay! If all three r true, then that is definitely love...

*juz random question not too accurate...hehehe


enuLwanie said...

hmmm...dah lama x rasa cmtu..

Miss CutiePie said...

atan jiwang!

Atan Athen said...

me too...dh lame gak xde perasaan mcm tu....hahahha

Atan Athen said...

anor...biase la...

hans said...

atan mat bunga

Moon Death Spell said...

ok fine.. i'm in love

StuDent NEtWorkIng said...


Atan Athen said...

hans...dlm hati ad taman la...hahhaha

Moon congratulation

student ntwrk fiwitt sape tu?

soalan ni x de kene mengena dgn ak pon...hahaha