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Thursday, February 18, 2010

love n like??

love n like r two different things

so when i say "i like u"

it doesn't mean dat "i love u"

bcoz i already said "i like u" to lots of galz


i only said "i love u" only to her

but.....dat was looooong time ago

now im single


dun get wrong

when i say "i like u"



enuLwanie said...

maklum la mst girl tu teruja bila org hensem ckp 'i like u' kt dia.

Atan Athen said...

naseb baik sy x hensem...hahahahha

hans said...

macam2 kan skrg

Rowena Chasez said...

single & available x nie??

Atan Athen said...

hans skang ni mmg mcm2 ad...pening2

rowena....yup single n still searching....hahahaha

Moon Death Spell said...

if u like someone its dosen't mean u love her

but if u love someone its mean u like her

(sory broken english)

Atan Athen said...

u r rite moon

Atan Athen said...

u r rite moon

GhOsToNe said...


suka n cinta are two different things!

Atan Athen said...

btol ghostone....dua2 tu bende yg lain2

miNt said...

i say "i like u" to my love.
i say "ilebiu" to everyone.
i say "i LOVE u" to my future husband and my family.
i say "i miss u" when really do.

Atan Athen said...

mint, ak dh pening....arghhh

miNt said...

maknanya ak tak percaya cinta sebelum kawen.


Atan Athen said...

ya betul2....jgn mudah percaya dgn pakwe dan makwe anda....kawen dlu br percaya

nur'ain said...

atan, i got problems with that like n love things... boys alwez said i love u but i can only say i like u.. hahahah... n i kinda 'yakin' dat love is not easy 2 find.. but some people r 2 easy 2 say it n waste their feeling 2 sumone they're not actually in love with.. ape kate?

Atan Athen said...

nur'ain....your solution already in your mind....u need to be sincere......when someone said to u dat he like u...u need to tell him back that u also like him....but juz as a fren...if not those guys will get emo with their own feelin' n thing will get worst

DaHLia said...

i like u :P

ezam said...

ezam like this.

[sambil ade ikon ibu jari]

*arghhh itu fesbuk*

kindly walk the taLk.saying love with no attention is pointless.

owh i speaking omputih suddenly.

Atan Athen said...

dahlia...i like u too...

ezam love is all about care,like,attention n protection

PragmaticConfessions said...

good topic for a discussion.yup, i second that we can like many person, but our love ones are selected few=)

p/s: atan, with yr look n sense of style, hard 2 believe u r still single.haha. take yr time in searching, save the best for last. wink2

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